Bedtime Meditation:

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My Story

Meditation seemed like such a boring thing to me.  I didn't understand what it was, how to do it, or what the goal of meditation was.  I just "skipped" this part of my spirituality.  It just seemed kind of lame and too mysterious.

Then a friend bought me some "Reiki".  To receive this Reiki, I was told to lie down and relax and just let it happen.  So everyday for 1 week I would lay  on the couch for 1 hour while I received the Reiki.  I actually felt my awareness traveling like a pin point to the different parts of my body; the Reiki Master reported to me later that he had worked on these same places.  I was really amazed.  During this time also I clearly saw a purple dot which began to go into a circle.  I searched the internet and found out this was a Shiva Yoni (a yin yang in motion; chakra.)  This really excited me and hooked me on meditation.


Meditation and Contemplation are the keys that open the door to higher knowledge.  To begin to have higher experiences - including psychic experiences - you must climb the ladder toward Divinity and away from the senses.  You don't use eyes, ears, nose, sense of touch;  you go in blind, deaf, and dumb.  By doing this, you "turn on" your spiritual senses, your spiritual organs, and your psychic senses.  You become your own teacher and you learn directly from interaction between your spirit, soul, mind and your new sense organs.  The more you use these new senses and organs - by meditating and entering altered states of consciousness - the stronger they will grow.


I prefer to go to bed early and meditate there.  The house is quiet and I am undisturbed then.  When I began, I did not read any how to books or ask anyone questions.  I learned by simply by doing and you can learn this way to.

I started with 30 minutes and worked up to 1 hour.  If you fall asleep, that is ok!  You probably needed sleep. If you have trouble nose breathing, you can buy a neti pot and learn to use it.

When you meditate, don't worry about what your mind is thinking and don't try to stop it from thinking either.  The mind will naturally cycle down, let it happen.  The more you meditate, the more in tune with this cycling down you will become. If at any time you become scared, feel weird, or altered states carry you away, focus on your breathing or pray silently.

How To

Go to bed early.  Lay down on your back in a comfortable position and breath through your nose. The trick is to not fall asleep, but to almost fall asleep.  You may find yourself surfing between states of consciousness; that is where you want to be.  If you feel a "startle" response here and there - that is normal.  That is how it began for me and that means you are entering different states.

That is all there is to it!  Practice this as much as you possibly can; the more you practice, the 'faster' you become accustomed to these states and the more you will begin to enter them and have experiences.

This is a picture from the internet I found. This is the basic position I use in bed.  I put a pillow under my knees.  Sometimes I do not use one under my head. I cross or hold my hands a lot. If you feel a part of your body tensing, relax it. This tensing happened a lot to me in the beginning.


During Meditations: I have experienced the wind outside as blowing inside my legs.  One night, I became the grasshoppers I heard outside my window.  I have melded with storms.  I saw elemental beings.  I felt energy in my body, mostly feet and hands.  I have felt energy vortexes.  I have met spirits.  I have been thrust from my body at enormous speeds and flung into other realms.  I have had kundalini activate all my chakras and shoot through my head.  I have clearly seen and felt chakras turning.  I have given distance reiki and healed others of common ailments.  I have melded my energies with others.  I became the lungs of someone sleeping in the next room, and I began to inflate like a large bag with each breath they took.  I have gone outside my body just a few feet - quite a few times (while attempting to see my own body).

Since Meditating, but not during Meditation:  I have "seen" thought forms and walked through them.  I have felt sounds in my heart chakra (hyper-acusis) and I often resonate with them.  At times, I have felt every breath and every movement, and every good and bad thought of my family (and the people in adjoining living spaces - which seemed like a curse at the time)  I have felt and seen thoughts in the form of arrows being shot at me.  I understand esoteric doctrines and books written in veiled metaphors by occult writers who refuse to give away "secrets" to the profane (things I would not have understood a year ago, before I began to meditate.)  I've been directly taught about Stones and Crystals by Elementals and Spirits.



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