Got Pain?
Got 10 minutes per day?
  Guide to Balance the muscles of the body back to their original state.

See your doctor before starting any exercises - This is not meant to treat or evaluate any medical conditions.  Do this at your own risk and all that other disclaimer stuff. 


The info below is based on Trigger Points, Acupuncture Meridians, muscle tension, etc.  This stuff works to balance the muscles of the body back to their original pain-free state. 

This will work.

The problem is that most folks can't be assed to help their self.  They would rather someone else "fix" them; give them a magic pill , bone or ligament surgery, etc.  If you have been in pain long enough, and you just want a cure, please read on...


Having been in pain myself for well over 10 years, I searched endlessly for the cure.  I had stabbing neck pain which made me literally crazy.  I had endless thought loops.  I couldn't turn my head.  Even simple touches hurt me.  And I had insomnia for 2 years.  It was beyond horrible.  Then I went to a chiropractor who fixed me - it took about 3 months of getting my neck cracked.  After my neck stayed "in", my hips went "out", so he worked on my hips next.  But when he moved away, the pain slowly came back...


I searched medical sites, disease sites, and everything else under the sun.  I tried every cure known to man.  Below is what I found that helped me and continues to help me remain pain free.  You have to take time daily to do this and you have to do it for 1 week to 1 month before you feel results.  A few times I have stopped doing these simple exercises the pain returned with a vengeance.


If you have neck pain, understand that all the muscles of the body are out of balance, not just your neck.  My neck pain was eventually traced to a trigger point in my calf muscle.  Unbelievable, but very true.  If you do not stretch all of the muscles, it probably will not work. 


If you are out of shape, heavy, or ancient - use the internet to find modifications of these exercises.  Some modifications are shown below.


Instructions: read these a few times until you understand COMPLETELY.


The goal is to have the stretch HAPPEN TO YOU!


1. Forget everything you ever learned about forcing muscles to stretch!

2. Take a deep breath and focus your mind. These types of exercises are more about focusing the mind and and breathing into a body part than they are about getting the biggest stretch.  It DOES NOT MATTER if you stretch far or if you hardly stretch at all.  DON'T WORK FOR IT! Do NOT force yourself! Be lazy with this!

What matters is - if you "feel" the stretch in the muscle and the muscle is relaxed and stretches SLOWLY Don't push the muscle at all.   I repeat - do not push the muscle to stretch.  Do NOT try to stretch further than you did last time or push yourself to do better, more, faster... Give up those ideas!


3. Let gravity or mother nature do the work.  Basically, you just get into position, focus the mind, and allow it to happen.  Tensing or pushing a muscle to stretch hurts the muscles and can rip the muscles. Think of this as "the lazy way to stretch" - by getting in position and simply allowing the stretch to happen to you.  Not only is this healthier for muscles, but it improves "feel good" hormones in the brain which help with pain relief.

4. Always go slowly and RELAX the muscles.  Tense muscles do not stretch. Take a deep breath, let the mind go into a meditation type trance.  Start the stretch, and continue to breath slowly.  Focus the mind on the stretch if you can.

5. Look these exercises up and get an idea of them from pictures other than what you see on this page.  Find out exactly what the pose should look like from many angles so you get the most out of it!


Door way shoulder pectoral stretch


Always be gentle and always go slowly! 


Do it 1 arm at a time or both arms.  I prefer 1 arm at a time.


Do this one a million times a day or more if you have pain here: neck, shoulder, front of chest, upper back.   

Trapezius stretch

Stand against the wall, with your back and the back of your head against the wall, gently

  • Put one hand behind you, as if in an opposite pocket, photo at right.
  • Breathe in. While breathing out, slide your other hand down the side of your body toward your knee, photo at right.
  • Tilt your head downward to that same side, gently. Keep it as much against the wall as you comfortably can.
  • Don't round or hunch forward, or drop or raise your chin.
  • Feel a nice stretch along your entire side.
  • Hold a second or two while breathing. Switch sides.
  • If your lower back hurts or pinches to do this trapezius stretch, you may be increasing the arch in your lower back. If you don't know how to tuck your hip to reduce overarch,

Do this one a million times a day or more if you have pain here: neck, shoulder, front of chest, upper back.  These 2 exercises: trap stretch & pec stretch - are the most important ones because we are all too tight in the front and too loose in the back - from sitting with our arms in front of us (typing or desk work).

The Bow

One of the best stretches ever.  If you do this one daily, most upper body problems will disappear quickly. 

Take your time learning, seriously do not injure yourself. 

For months, I was able to just grab my socks at my ankles and pull, but it still worked its magic!

Gravity Drop



Slowly, with focus, allow your feet to stretch downward off of a step. 

Support your upper body by holding the stair railing.

Hold for as long as you can.  Do this one A LOT.


This is #1 most important exercise of the bunch! 

If the calf muscle is tight it will throw off the whole body, causing pain almost anywhere.

Static Wall

Triangle Pose


Front foot – toes point forward.  Back foot - toes point to the side.

Bend from the hip joint, not the waist. 

Once in position try to rotate your torso so that your arm and torso

are straight when reaching upwards (not bent to the left nor to the right.)

Use a wall, chair, block, or whatever props you need. 

Once in position, breathe and hold for 30-90 seconds.

Switch and do on your other side.



Do this one as much as you can.

Helps with upper body pain & lower back pain. 

Work up slowly on this one, don’t attempt to do it perfectly at first.

Revolved Triangle Pose


Toes and hips point to the front.  Bring the left hand to the outside of the right foot at you twist to the right.  Bring the right arm up to the ceiling and the gaze up to the right fingertips. 

Try to keep the hips level and parallel to the floor; hold for 30-90 seconds or longer. 

Repeat on the left side. 


Do this as many times as you can per day.

Modified: Bring the left hand on to a block, chair, or prop

or the inside the right foot instead of  the outside.


This is a hard pose.  It took me months to do this pose decently.  The muscles on the sides of my legs did not respond at first because I had never used them this way. But over time they began to respond.  This pose gave me the biggest releases in the upper body, neck, and shoulder blade areas.  It strengthens and stretches muscles in the legs, neck, chest, back, arms, and shoulders. 

Once in the position try to bring the arm that is pointed at the ceiling further back.  There is always another inch in there.  This opens up the chest and really helps you to breathe.  Especially at night, after a few days of doing poses like this you will begin to sleep like a baby; deeper and much more restful.  This pose also helps with neck pain, pain behind the eye, sinus pain and blocked sinuses, and head colds.

Upward Facing Dog Pose


Hold for 30-90 seconds. 

Do as many times a day as you can.

Downward Facing Dog


Once in position, try to bring heels to the floor slowly - allowing the stretch to happen to you. 

If your heels don’t touch, bring legs in further towards your hands. 

Do this pose slowly and gently, feeling the stretch in the backs of the legs. 

Push your head down further to get a shoulder stretch and neck stretch. 

Hold for 30-90 seconds. Work up to 5 minutes.

Do as many times a day as you can.

Modifications: use a chair, block, or the wall.

Camel Pose


Do this pose slowly and gently, always strong in the muscle. 

Do not let the back “fall” backwards on its own. 

Be strong in the legs also, pushing the front of thighs forward. 

First, pull your head and chest upward, lengthening upward, upward, upward. 

Then slowly lean backwards, only as far as you feel comfortable. 

Never push yourself to go farther or do better in this pose.

Hold for 30 seconds, then come up strongly in the muscle, yet slowly and gently. 

Go immediately into the next pose – the hero pose.


I have done this pose for years and I still do it like picture #2.  Don’t push yourself with this one.  Stretching the muscles in the front of the body is very important because these muscles tend to be short while our muscle in the back tend to be too long.  This is because our tendency is towards the fetal position; sitting with our back bent forward and our shoulders hunched forward.  Another good one for the same muscles is "the bow".  Do a few times a day.

Hero Pose


Do this pose slowly and gently – this is a hard pose that looks easy. 

Use a block or pillow under your buttocks if you need. 

The goal is to separate your legs and sit your buttocks between your legs, lowering it down as far as you can.  Get into position, breathe slowly, try to relax and hold for 30-90 seconds.



When I first did this one, it felt like I was bending my legs in a way that they would break when I sat down.  Don’t let this feeling stop you from trying.  Try this one a little bit everyday and you will work up to sitting between your legs in a few weeks time.  This pose stretches out the hip flexors – which are desperate for a stretch if you sit a lot.  Also great for sciatic leg pain, lower back pain, and hip pain.  Do several times a day if you feel pain or tightness on the front of the hips next to the pubic region.

Pigeon Toe


Lie face down and bend one leg under your stomach, then lean towards the ground. 

Stay upright or lie down on your leg. Do at least 1 time a day.

Hip Stretch & Crack


Put your arm out like a wing.  Unlike the pictures above - your head should be turned facing the outstretched hand on the wing side.  Then slowly rotate your body into position and hold the stretch. Do this pose slowly and gently and for as long as you can.  

Get into this position and relax and breathe. 

When finished, do the other side. 

Do not worry if your shoulder and arm do not touch the floor – this is normal.



After you do this for a few weeks your hips will start to “crack” on their own. 

This is the same thing that many pay a chiropractor to do for them. 

If you learn to relax in this pose, your hip bones will crack on their own

and go back to a normal, healthier position.  This gives tremendous relief!

Do at least 1 time per day to several.

Corpse Pose


Get into position and totally relax all your muscles and let go. 

Do for as long as you need.

Always try to end yoga stretching with this pose.

Also a great pose for meditation. 

Do this one when you feel overwhelmed.  Learn to fall asleep in this position.


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